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Asset Protection & Estate Planning Attorney

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Many people must consider the consequences of not having an estate plan, a costly mistake that could leave your assets tangled up in red tape for months or even years. Don’t put your family’s financial security in danger. Let J. L. Williamson Law Group help you avoid estate planning issues by helping you decide what kind of approach is best for you and your family.

Estate Planning Lawyer

If you have a family, planning for the future and providing for your spouse and children is essential. We understand the challenges your family is facing, whether you’re just starting or planning to retire soon. Based on your financial situation and goals, we can help you create a plan to ensure your property and assets are secure and distributed according to your wishes. J. L. Williamson Law Group can provide sound legal advice to help protect your assets and provide for your family’s future.

Why You Need An Estate Plan

Estate planning laws have evolved over the years. Although many assume estate planning involves preparing a basic will, the subject is much more complex. In recent years, the priority for estate planning attorneys has shifted to protecting your assets so that your family is protected and provided for after you are gone.

You must have a plan drafted and executed by a qualified elder law attorney who is experienced and licensed in your state. In this way you can be assured that you will have enough money set aside for your long-term care and your family will be able to receive the benefits you intend for them for the future.

Power of Attorney & Advance Directive for Healthcare

Everyone over the age of 18 should have durable financial power of attorney. This allows a person you trust, called an agent or “attorney in fact,” to act on your behalf should you be unable to do so.

This does not remove your power to act for yourself. It simply allows that person to assist in handling your affairs as though they are you. This can be beneficial, for example, for children to help parents manage funds, assets, and other important business matters as parents age.

It is also possible to create a “springing” power of attorney that “springs” into effect when a licensed doctor or judge declares a person incompetent. In this way, your agent cannot act on your behalf until this declaration by a doctor or judge.

Additionally, every adult should have an advance directive for healthcare in place and a last will & testament. This legal document outlines your personal decisions about end-of-life care when you cannot make your own decisions.

The experienced team at J.L. Williamson Law Group can help you establish a detailed and specific power of attorney to consider all aspects and protect all parties appropriately involved. The most important thing to remember is that it is never too early to have a well-drafted power of attorney drawn up so that you and your loved ones are protected in the event of a crisis.

Asset Protection

Beyond establishing a plan for your personal assets, individuals with one or many businesses or a high net worth should create an asset protection plan to protect their assets from creditors and the State. By working with an experienced asset protection attorney like J.L. Williamson, clients can benefit from years of estate planning and the knowledge of a financial advisor.

Our law office team can walk you through each consideration of asset protection strategies and estate planning, including gift taxes, wealth managers, establishing a family-limited partnership, and more.

Irrevocable Trusts

A carefully drafted irrevocable trust is an ideal asset protection trust. They can add significant tax and non-tax benefits to your overall estate plan. Unlike a revocable trust, an irrevocable trust optimizes the grantor’s assets to avoid taxes and maximize potential Medicaid benefits.



J.L. Williamson Law Group has extensive experience with tax law, elder law, and end-of-life planning. For years, our law firm has continued to help clients with significant assets establish well-organized, highly beneficial plans for their future. Do not wait until a crisis to make a plan. Call us today, or schedule your consultation online.

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